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Hello! and WELCOME

to the Sandtrappers Golf League website.

To learn more about our Thursday Morning Men's League

contact a Committee member (listed below) for more information.

Everyone is welcome - from 18 to ???.

You do not have to be retired or live in Peoria to join.

Come out and play as a Guest / Check us out / and then JOIN up

Welcome, Sandtrappers! New and Returning Members


Thanks to all our Golf Course recorders and Committee Members who served so faithfully all season and to all our members who make this about the most fun league anywhere!!!
Seasons Greetings to all! Your committee has been busy getting the schedule together for next year, and we have a few Christmas presents for you:
1) Peoria Park District has allowed us to schedule shotgun starts at all four outings at Peoria Park District courses in 2018!
2) We have added Mt. Hawley CC to our schedule at $40!
3) We have added Soangetaha CC in Galesburg as well for just $40!
4) We were also able to land Arrowhead CC at $40!
5) We will play Metamora Fields, Pine Lakes, and Kellogg twice during the season. We play all other courses once during the season.
So we have 3 new country club courses at a very favorable rate, and we have shotgun starts with available post-round lunch at every one of our 27 events.

Ask your golfing buddies to join us as your guest. Do that and they are bound to join us for the season, making us stronger and giving us greater leverage with the great courses we will be playing. Just check out the schedule below! Our best ever!


    2018 Sandtrapper Schedule            
Date Course Location Starting Time Starting Tees AB Flight CD Flight Games *Average Drive Min.
19-Apr Madison Peoria 8:00 Blue Sandtrapper 20
26-Apr Mt. Hawley Peoria 8:00 Gold Sandtrapper 17
3-May Pine Lakes Washington 8:00 Dual AB-W CD-R AB/CD Flighted 19
10-May Lincoln Elks Lincoln 8:30 White Sandtrapper 50
17-May Kellogg Peoria 7:30 Gold Sandtrapper 18
24-May Prairie Vista Bloomington 8:30 Green Sandtrapper 45
31-May Metamora Fields Metamora 8:00 White Sandtrapper 23
7-Jun Pontiac Elks Pontiac 8:30 (9:00?) Green Sandtrapper 65
14-Jun Coyote Creek Bartonville 8:00 White Straight Best-Ball Scramble 28
21-Jun ISU Weibring Normal 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 42
28-Jun Quail Meadow Washington 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 17
5-Jul Kewanee Dunes Kewanee 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 57
12-Jul Lick Creek Pekin 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 25
19-Jul Bunker Links Galesburg 8:30 Gold Modified Scramble 57
26-Jul The Den Bloomington 8:30 Green Sandtrapper 46
2-Aug Parkview Pekin 8:00 Red Sandtrapper 27
9-Aug Baker Park Kewanee 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 62
16-Aug Metamora Fields Metamora 8:00 Dual AB-W CD-R AB/CD Flighted 23
23-Aug Edgewood McNabb 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 50
30-Aug Weaver Ridge Peoria 8:00 White Straight Best-Ball Scramble 18
6-Sep Ironwood Normal 8:30 Red Sandtrapper 43
13-Sep Newman Peoria 8:00 Gold Sandtrapper 18
20-Sep Wolf Creek Pontiac 8:30 (9:00?) Red Sandtrapper 73
27-Sep Arrowhead Chillicothe 8:00 Gold Sandtrapper 26
4-Oct Soangetaha Galesburg 8:30 Silver Sandtrapper 51
11-Oct Kellogg Peoria 8:00 Gold Sandtrapper 18
18-Oct Pine Lakes Washington 8:00 White Sandtrapper 19
* Average Drive Min. = Average of the driving time from Peoria, Morton, Chillicothe and Washington          


General Information for the 2017 Golf Season

Peoria Sandtrappers Golf League will play each Thursday in 2017 from April 20th through October 19th.  Of the 27 total outings, 7 are in Peoria (including 6 at Peoria Park District courses); 6 are at nearby local courses (within 15 miles of downtown Peoria); and 14 are at other regional area courses (within 60 miles from downtown Peoria). Play when you can; as often as you can!!

Once a PSGL member you can use the website ( to sign up for weekly events no later than Tuesday morning before each event or to cancel out of an event. Foursomes are set and published on Tuesday afternoon. (If you decide to play or need to cancel after foursomes have been published Tuesday afternoon contact Ken Dawson at (309)360-9006.


SANDTRAPPER GOLFSandtrapper golf is a modified version of Regular Golf and Shamble Golf.

  • Foursome:  All players tee off. Players then select their preferred drive and each player then plays his own ball from there into the hole and posts his score. (Note: a player may choose his own drive rather than the selected team drive). There are no rules stating that each player’s drive has to be used X number of times.
  • Threesome: These rules apply also to threesomes with the exception that in the threesome the players can alternate hitting an extra drive on each hole for the “Blind” player. 
  • The computer calculates the overall score for the "Blind" player.

MODIFIED SCRAMBLE – this format combines Regular Golf and Scramble Golf. 

  • The D player plays his own ball and records his score on holes numbered 1-3, the A, B, and C players play a standard Scramble and that score is assigned to each player.  The C player plays holes numbered 4 - 7; the B player plays holes numbered 8 -12; and the A player plays holes numbered 13-15.
  • Threesomes do not get extra shots.  The computer will calculate the scores for the absent play.


  • This event is played once a season.  All players tee off and the best shot is chosen, players than hit the next shot  agoin chosing the best shot and continue this routine until the ball is holed.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of drives which must be used for each player.
  • ONE score per hole for each team.
  • In a threesome players can alternate hitting an extra shot on each hole for the “Blind” player.


HANDICAPS - We use 70 as par for all courses. Your handicap is 90% of the difference between your average score and 70. Handicaps are calculated on all rounds played with the exception of Peoria and Modified Scrambles.

ELIMINATE SLOW PLAY - To speed up play all players must take carts; and a MAXIMUM of eight (8) strokes are allowed on each hole

SPECIAL RULES pertaining to each week’s EVENT– Players will be notified of any special rules which may apply for the day, including which tees to use or other special requests by the golf course (like 90 degree cart rules, etc.).

A FEE OF $5, for prize money, is collected each week when you check in at the course. When a Rain-Out is declared, your prize money is carried over to your next outing.
WINNERS are announced after each event and prize money is distributed: 1st place pays out $12 per player; 2nd - $10 p/p, 3rd - $9 p/p, 4th - $8 p/p, etc. until the prize money has been paid out.  If teams tie for a spot (i.e. 3rd) the members of all teams tied for that position are awarded the designated amount for that position (i.e. $9.00 for 3rd place). 

Prize winnings are recorded and the money is awarded at the End of Season banquet.

RIDING GOLF CARTS - All players must use riding carts. The committee informs the golf course as to the number of carts we will need for each outing. 

WE WELCOME our new and old members to the PSGL 2017 Golf Season. Good health, good golfing, and please God, good weather!

Committee for the PSGL 2018 Golf Season:

Ken Dawson  / President                         309-360-9006                  

Jerry Morey / Treasurer/Membership Secretary            309-369-4488

Roger Hutchinson / Meals/Banquet Coordinator    309-444-5969 

David Groves / Prize Coordinator            309-212-0059                  

Ron Osborne / Secretary                           309-253-9062